Cyprus Q&A

What is a donum?

Land is measured in dunom and evleks.
One dunom of land = 1,338m² = a third of an acre
4 evleks = 1 donum
3,600 square feet = 1 evlek

What side of the road do cars use?


What is the language spoken in Northern Cyprus?

The main language is Turkish, although English is widely spoken making it easy to get on in Northern Cyprus.

What type of school systems can I expect to find?

There are excellent secondary schools, including English curriculum secondary schools in the Kyrenia area, such as Girne American University Secondary Program and the English School of Kyrenia. Additionally, there are 6 major universities in Northern Cyprus attracting students from all over the world.

Do I need to open a bank account in Northern Cyprus in order to buy property?

You do not need to open a bank account in Northern Cyprus. Most installments are paid for via wire transfer transactions.

How long does the process of purchasing property in the TRNC last?

It takes only as long as it takes you make a decision! Once you have decided on the property of your dreams, it is typically possible to meet with a solicitor to complete the sale within 24 hours.