Holidays in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean Sea, just 60K south of Turkey. It is an island with sunny, hot weather the majority of the year, making it an ideal location for holiday makers, mainly from the U.K.  High season in North Cyprus is comprised of seven months of sunshine, temperatures above 20C and plenty of outdoor activities, culture and entertainment to keep all of the tourists coming back year after year. For all your holiday needs in North Cyprus, please, visit Joya Cyprus and discover this side of the island while living in one of our luxury resorts with home-like feel.

Beaches of North Cyprus

With miles of unspoilt coastline, North Cyprus boasts some of the best beaches and exquisite vistas in the Mediterranean basin. Folks coming to holiday in North Cyprus will drive along the coast to explore as many small coves, beaches and ancient churches as possible. Or some prefer to choose one heavenly place, such as Escape Beach in Lapta, or Alagadi Turtle Beach in Esentepe, to soak in the sun, swim in the crystal clear sea, or rent one of the many boats or kayaks to explore the coastline. If you are lucky enough to be on holoiday in North Cyprus during June and July, you may even be able to witness the hatching of the famous Alagadi Beach Turtles, as part of the Turtle Project to protect the endangered species.

When on holiday in Northern Cyprus, it is strongly recommend to take a day boat trip from the Old Harbour of Kyrenia.  On one of the many boat trips to take, you will spend five hours at sea, enjoying views of the Besmark Mountain range and North Cyprus Kyrenia Castle, while fishing, swimming or simply sun bathing on the boat.

North Cyprus Culture

When on holiday in North Cyprus, there are many cultural experiences to be had. The Turkish Cypriot culture can touch all of your senses. The Turkish Cypriot cuisine offers a variety of dishes to tempt your palate at the many seaside restaurants. For example, your North Cyprus holiday is not complete without trying the full kebab menu, but be sure to leave room for Turkish Delight for desert!

Museums to visit during your North Cyprus holiday include the Ship Museum and The Folk Art Museum. For more outdoorsy types who also appreciate history and archeology particular to their North Cyprus holiday, the many churches and ruins in Northern Cyprus Famagusta and Nicosia may be of more interest.

Entertainment in North Cyprus

Dining in Northern Cyprus is entertainment in itself. When on holiday in North Cyprus, go off the beaten track and find a traditional restaurant that serves mezes and kebab over the course of several hours, while traditional violinists and musicians entertain you. If you are lucky enough to be amongst a lively crowd, they will join in the singing! For a more modern evening, locals and tourists of all ages hit the beach clubs for amazing music and the beach bar.  You will find dancers of every age enjoying the music by the holiday beach.

With all those amenities, stunning sea and mountain views and different tastes there is at least one North Cyprus holiday property suiting your needs.