Turkish-Cypriot Weddings Tradition

North Cyprus Properties

A wedding in Cyprus is an event not to miss. If you are lucky you may catch one under the sunset at Aphrodite Beachfront Village in North Cyprus. Or if you are planning your own wedding and wish to have it on the beautiful Mediterrean, many folks come to Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, for their dream wedding.

Brides traditionally wear western-style white wedding gowns, while the groom is dressed smartly in a suit. The bride and grooms immediate family stand with them at the front of the crowd, usually on tall white chairs or sofa decorated for the occasion.

Unlike many western weddings, a Cypriot wedding will have hundreds of guests.
Initially, the bride and groom will be wed by signing the wedding contract in front of loved ones. Sometimes this is done in private.

Guests arrive at the wedding and stand in line to congratulate the newleds. Often times, they pin money to the bride and groom as a gift and symbol of wedded bliss and prosperity. It may take up to 3 hours for all the guests to be greeted.

For foreigners wishing to fulfill their dream wedding in North Cyprus, there are many locations, including Aphrodite Beachfront Village, and other five star hotels that can help you plan your wedding. Fireworks, live bands, and dance performances are just a few of the ways your wedding can be made special. A beachfront location with a sunset backdrop in North Cyprus will top it off.

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