Faces of Cyprus - Man & Art

North Cyprus Properties

North Cyprus is famous for beautiful folk art. The most commonly handmade products in North Cyprus are traditional lace used as tablecloths and even curtains, lovely pottery, and wood carved furniture in the transitional Cypriot fashion.

Those lucky enough to travel past Gaziveren, to Yesilmak, will find signs on the road leading you to Faces of Cyprus. On route to Yesilmak, you will pasd Soli ruins and Vouni Palace. These are two historical landmarks in Northern Cyrpus worth visiting for their stunning scenery and views and fascinating historical ruins.

Yesilmak, home to the small artist studio “Faces of Cyprus”, is one of the most beautiful mountainous villages in the region. Lush, hilly and with quaint village homes spread amongst strawberry fields, Yesilmak is a gem in North Cyprus.

“Faces of Cyprus” is a studio displaying some of the most unique wooden carved masks. Most are carved from driftwood. The faces carved range from elderly village folk to young beautiful women and couples. They make for truly special gifts to take home, and as they come in many different sizes, prices start from about 100 tl for this hand-made gem.

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