IMPORTANT INVESTOR NEWS - Cyprus Reunification Talks 2014.

North Cyprus Properties

UN/EU North and South Cyprus Reunification Talks Re-Launched THIS WEEK – visit soon to beat the price rises! Whether you are interested in investing in Northern Cyprus property for vacation, retirement or pure investment, the historic new political developments are potentially extremely important for anyone considering a North Cyprus property purchase.  We wanted you to have the news that this week sees the relaunch of the process which could well lead to the historic reunification of Cyprus as a bi-zonal, bi-communal country with most importantly equal rights for Turkish North Cyprus and Greek South Cyprus. Don not just take our word for it - read about it on google news now - click on these links for both EU and Middle East Media.The official EU statement can be heard here. Middle East media can be seen here. Please, see also this link for a video about the advantages of reunification. If this process reaches a positive outcome there will be huge effect on the property prices in the currently lower-priced Northern Cyprus, as investors will gain huge added confidence in the economy of the region.  Evergreen offers pre-74 internationally recognised Turkish Title Deed properties from only £39,000 which give investors security in whatever the outcome and which are already rising by 10% p.a. - so you will benefit whichever way the political cookie crumbles.Do not miss this historic opportunity!  Why not CALL your local Evergreen representative NOW for details of limited time pre-agreement Special Visit Offers and beat the price rises? UK/British callers can call +44 208 123 9181 or email

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