US Ambassador to Cyprus supports Cyprus Reunification

North Cyprus Properties

The US Ambassador to Cyprus, John Koenig, has announced in a recent interview to the Associated Press that he stands firmly behind the latest reunification proposal for Cyprus as essential to the economic future of the island.  The latest talks commenced in February with new impetus after other rounds of negotiations over the last ten years have come to nothing.

The new impetus driving the talks forward has been the discovery of vast reserves of natural gas around the island.  Mr Koenig stated that it is his opinion that without a Cyprus agreement, it would be difficult or impossible to move the gas efficiently through Turkey and to supply the Turkish market with the energy it needs.  With South Cyprus’ economy very depressed, Mr. Koenig stated that “A Cyprus solution would bring a great boost to this economy.”   And he believes that a peace deal would actually boost the economy in the short term, even years before the gas is actually extracted.

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