US Vice President Joe Biden to visit Turkish North Cyprus this week

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PRESS RELEASE – 19th May 2014

US Vice President Joe Biden to visit Turkish North Cyprus this week: N Cyprus economy & property looks set to boom – special June Offer for investors.

The international spotlight is set to fall heavily on North Cyprus this Wednesday when US Vice President Joe Biden makes a historic two day visit to the long-divided island, accompanied by a large delegation of Washington dignitaries. The President of North Cyprus, Dervis Eroglu, has announced today that Mr. Biden will be entertained in the Presidential Palace of the TRNC – and there will of course be meetings on the south side of the border too with the Greek Cypriot President, Nicos Anastasiades The aim of the visit is to speed up the recently renewed reunification talks, endorsed by the USA, UN and the EU, to join north and south Cyprus under a new bi-zonal, bi-communal federation.

This is the first visit of a US vice president to Cyprus since 1962 when Lyndon B Johnson addressed the new Cypriot Parliament following the independence of Cyprus from British Rule in 1960. As such it is truly historic and reflects the upbeat mood in Cyprus at present about its emerging future as a key strategic and economic hub in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Luxury Property development companies such as Evergreen Developments in N Cyprus have noticed a 200% increase in enquiries over the last two months by visitors from Europe and the Middle East, as informed investors rush to secure low-cost but fast-rising real estate which looks set to massively increase in value, post-agreement.

Now Evergreen is offering a special 2% North Cyprus property discount, worth up to $12,000, to all UAE property who arrive in North Cyprus by June 30th. For details, sms +44 7799 212425 or email Angela Henderson, British Marketing Manager of Evergreen Developments, said today : “UAE nationals would be advised to visit North Cyprus at the earliest opportunity if they have been considering a property purchase in this beautiful Mediterranean island.  This special offer for our visitors will enable you to take advantage of the remaining short window of low property prices prior to the likely boom later in the year”.

The discovery of large oil and gas reserves around Cyprus has certainly intensified the resolve of international politicians to find a resolution to the 40 year division of the island. This resolve has been further sharpened by concerns about the future reliability of Russian gas supplies via Crimea following the recent Crimean uprising. Getting Turkish Northern Cyprus on board is crucial since the transportation of the reserves will certainly have to involve pipelines between North Cyprus and Turkey mainland. It is expected that a simultaneous referendum will be held later in 2014 on both sides of the border to make a final decision as to the bi-zonal future of the island.

Experts are predicting that reunification, if it occurs, would dramatically improve the economy and property market on both sides of the Green line – with North Cyprus seeing the biggest gains due to the current lower prices. It seems that where diplomacy has previous failed, hard economic facts and the necessities of oil and gas transportation, may well succeed in bringing this 40 year old stalemate to a rapid end.

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