Cheap mobile calls between North and South Cyprus coming soon

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As residents in Cyprus know – cross border phone calls in Cyprus are currently charged at international rates, something which can puzzle new visitors to the island!  Mobile phone users in the south of Cyprus have to dial internationally via Turkey to call the north, while anyone in the north of the island similarly need use to use an  international code, again via Turkey, to call the south.  This has meant incurring international charges to reach someone who may be only a few miles away!

But in a recent announcement from Fikri Toros, head of the TRNC Chamber of Commerce, it was revealed that the chambers of commerce on both sides have both given their go ahead for the project and have been working on this project for some time.  This will enable cross border calls between north and south Cyprus to be at local rates – great news for those who cross the border regularly or who have friends or relatives on the other side.

Most of the challenges for this project are technical (such as the charges and the locations of the mobile phone stations) – and it has been revealed that the necessary technical infrastructure work should be completed by the end of June.  Fikri Toros revealed that he had first spoken to the Chamber of Commerce from the South in Malta over a year ago “During that time we couldn’t make any progress. However, we did not give up and pushed for it” he said.

Under the new system, TRNC mobile phones will be able to be used in the south, something that was not possible before and vice versa.

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