Peace Talks raising hopes of an end to the conflict....

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There is great hope from both sides of the Cyprus conflict that the new Turkish Cypriot President will bring about changes towards an agreement, in the Peace Talks due to resume on Friday....

More than 40 years on and after many attempts from many mediators on both sides, the leaders of the divided island of Cyprus may resolve one of the West’s longest running diplomatic disputes.

Turkish Cypriots recently voted Mustafa Akinci, a moderate leftist, into power in the hope that he will lead negotiations forward and bring the conflict to an end. He will later meet with the President of Cyprus’ Greek southern sector, Nicos Anastasiades to attempt progress towards a solution to the long discussed issues.

After a dinner meeting between the politicians earlier this week, UN Envoy, Espen Barth Eide, has said “This is a unique opportunity, an opportunity to be grasped,” He went on to state “They agreed it was important to use the momentum created, and opportunity, to move forward without delay.”

Particularly after the Greek Cypriots rejected a previous unification plan for the island in 2004, and if the British colony is to be united again, both of these leaders understand that time will be ticking.....and this will undoubdtedly be the biggest attempt in over a decade.

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