New Flag and New Name for TRNC?

North Cyprus Properties

According to Akinci speaking outside the Presidential Palace after a meeting with the Greek Cypriot leaders to summarise and discuss the points they had reached so far, a new federative structure will be formed with a new name and a new flag.  

The talks cover a bi-zonal, bi-communal framework with a ‘new shape’ for the Republic of Cyprus (according to the Greek Cypriots) and the new federation for North Cyprus that would not – Akinci said, apply to the EU or UN again.

Recent reports by the Greek Cypriots that there has been agreement on both side regarding property matters, have been countered by Akinci who states that only the categories for the affected properties have been agreed upon, but not the criteria.

“41 years has passed and this has created 41 new situations. It was not possible to tear away people who lived on those lands with one decision and this was seen clearly in cases in the ECHR” said Akinci on the subject of the property disputes with the Greek Cypriots and that the work belonged to the technical committees with regards to decisions about the Derinya and Aplic borders.

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