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Peace Talks raising hopes of an end to the conflict....


There is great hope from both sides of the Cyprus conflict that the new Turkish Cypriot President will bring about changes towards an agreement, in the Peace Talks due to resume on Friday.... More than 40 years on and after many attempts from...

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New post codes for North Cyprus' regions


New post codes have been issued this year in the TRNC, furthering the development of accuracy with posting to the Northern Cyprus. The Secretary of Foreign Residents, Ralph Kratzer, has since introduced the post codes to the international community...

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Istanbul – Turkey provides water for Peace.


2014 will see the realisation of a long-standing project by mainland Turkey to supply much-needed fresh drinking water to the drier areas across the Middle East – with North Cyprus as the first to receive this precious commodity! The first...

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The US Secretary of State may visit Cyprus in April


It has been reported recently that the TRNC President, Eroglu, has announced the probable visit by John Kerry to Cyprus in April this year.  The aim of the visit will be to press forward with the renewed negotiations between South and North...

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US Ambassador to Cyprus supports Cyprus Reunification


The US Ambassador to Cyprus, John Koenig, has announced in a recent interview to the Associated Press that he stands firmly behind the latest reunification proposal for Cyprus as essential to the economic future of the island.  The latest talks...

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