Legalities and Title Deeds

The TRNC has the same legal system as Great Britain, making it comfortable and comprehensible place to purchase property. It is necessary to hire a local solicitor in Northern Cyprus when buying property, as he or she will need to submit certain applications for you as a foreign purchaser. Most foreigners are approved quite easily, after a complete criminal record check has been performed. There are many reputable solicitors, including those recommended by the British Residents Association here in Northern Cyprus. The solicitor’s role is to advise you, provide checks on the company you are buying from, to apply for your permissions to buy a property in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as a foreigner, act as your Power of Attorney in your absence, confirm title deeds and all governmental documentation and ensure a proper Contract of Sale is made between Buyer and Seller that is in your best interest.


Please obtain from a local solicitor the up to date tax guide for property purchase.

Types of Title Deeds:

There are two main types of title deeds:

Turkish Title Deeds

This is a Northern Cyprus property Turkish Cypriots owned prior to 1974. This is an internationally recognized title deed free from any claims. Foreigners are limited to one dönüm per person (husband and wife count as one person unless they have different surnames). There are a number of checks to be carried out by the Council of Ministers.

TRNC Freehold

This is a freehold title deed recognized by Turkey and TRNC. It consists land that was either left in 1974 or exchanged with land in the South after 1974. When buying new property built after 1974 or is an off plan purchase, there is not a chance that your actual property can be claimed.