Wild Life in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus is still relatively undeveloped so wildlife has flourished, with some 250 species of birds visiting the island every year on their journey from East to West.

There is also an abundance of lizards, wild donkeys and butterflies, including 19 endemic species, including the strangely-shaped festoon and colourful Cleopatra butterflies. They are all part of a rich natural heritage on an island of contrasts that spans from the top of Mount Selvili’s 3000 feet to the gentle slopes of the coastal waters, where the famous loggerhead turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.

The warm climate in North Cyprus also means that visitors can enjoy beautiful flowers all year-round, making it a veritable botanic haven. In the autumn and winter golden-yellow oleanders swathe the hills, whilst multi-coloured anemones and crocuses appear before Christmas. But it is in late winter and spring that the island blooms into a rhapsody of colour with the orchid family and cherry-red poppies taking centre stage.  Many visitors come to Cyprus purely for the wildlife.