Our Mission in Northern Cyprus

Evergreen Developments Group’s mission is to design, build and sell quality properties, villas and homes in North Cyprus to its clients that combine high quality lifestyle with special care to the environment.

We brought together a dedicated international team, and allocated the time and resources to ensure that our clients will receive the best home in Northern Cyprus money can buy. This is why we have 6 architects working on each and every real estate project in North Cyprus to have a perfect plan for each and every location in Northern Cyprus.

We believe that buying a property is Northern Cyprus should be an easy and pleasant process.

We believe the experience of buying a dream home should mirror the pleasant surroundings in which you buy your property. Therefore, while the relaxed North Cyprus island offers visitors beautiful vistas and fun activities, we offer property buyers professional services in a relaxed and pressure-free way. We are efficient, informative, and detail-oriented to arm you with the tools to make an informed decision.

With reliable professionals respecting your time and money, you may find North Cyprus villa of your dreams in one visit while still having plenty of time to absorb the sun, activity and beauty of Northern Cyprus.

We are committed to maintaining and complimenting the natural surroundings with our naturally exquisite properties in North Cypurs, TRNC.

With a deep respect and appreciation for nature, the lands which were chosen by Evergreen Developments Group in Northern Cyprus were selected specifically for the intense beauty of each area’s unique setting. Whether it is the natural spring running through Bellapais Spring Village, the peaceful enclave of Crystal Bay, the red rock mountain backdrop of Mountain Village, or old olive and carob trees in Forest Park, we not only maintain such natural beauty but we actually compliment it with the open designs and Cypriot accents of the villas. You will also find the community layouts themselves harmonize with the environment.

Rest assured, a purchase in these highly sought-after locations means an amazing Mediterranean home AND a solid investment. What could be more natural?

We create homes that ensure comfort and practicality while we pioneer a new standard of architecture and design in the form of a Mediterranean Masterpiece.

Evergreen Developments Group is considered a pioneer in the development of Northern Cyprus, offering villas that enhance rather than interfere with the natural beauty of Northern Cyprus. The sleek yet warm feel of the villas create an aesthetic masterpiece while being comfortable and practical.

Finally, the design of the villas and private or community amenities ensures that families with children, couples or individuals all will have the privacy and comfort they desire in a home, with plenty of activities such as swimming, fishing, boating, tennis, or fitness to fully flatter island living.