Evergreen Owner Referral Scheme

What is the Owner Referral Scheme?

The scheme is available for ALL owners of an Evergreen North Cyprus Property who wish to recommend any of our properties to their friends, work colleagues and associates. It began as we felt it was only fair to reward owners for doing our marketing for us – and of course happy owners are the the most likely way of word being spread to new owners. Do remember, we have a wide range from £32,000 off plan studios at Aphrodite, all the way to £685,000 seven bedroom beachfront villas on the Karpaz with private maid service! We have properties to meet most possible buyer needs.

What would I receive from a contact of my own who invests?

There is a 1.5% commission available (payable upon Evergreen receipt of first payment, not deposit), which can be paid to you as a bank transfer, credit towards any outstanding monies due to us, OR as discount to your referral – or split between your referral and yourself. Some owners are making a considerable income from this, particularly those who are living in or near affluent or offshore areas where investors tend to live.

How do those taking part in the scheme do marketing?

This varies enormously from those just telling friends and family, to those who do mailshots (with our assistance if required), put up fliers on work notice boards – some have even done informal talks in their home or workplace.

How will I register my referral leads?

When you have informed a friend or associate about us, please do email the name and contact details immediately to Angela – angela@evergreendevelopments.com – so that if your contact does get in touch with us independently we know that they first heard about it via you. We are meticulous about our record keeping.

How will Evergreen Marketing Department assist me?

Angela Rees from Evergreen can assist in any or all of the following ways

  • fully briefing you in person or on ‘phone/skype about our North Cyprus properties,
  • giving you hard copy brochures/business cards to take home with you (or web-hosted links for these – and
    slide shows), also price lists by email
  • calling/emailing your referral contacts if you wish me to
  • even coming to speak in UK at any informal presentations you wish to organise at your work place or home if that fits with my travel schedule.

How will my referral contact come to visit the properties?

Some owners like to keep it very informal and invite their friend to stay with them whilst they are next here themselves. However, there are North Cyprus Inspection trips available. If your contact is very interested in visiting, I will need to speak to them personally on the telephone. If they are genuinely interested and confirm that they have funds available to buy should they see something they like during their visit, they will qualify for one of our trips – which (subject to availability) includes for UK residents a £199 return flight from London or Manchester, free airport transfers and free three nights for themselves and their partner on a B and B basis. For visitors from the Middle East, we offer flight refunds in the event of a sale and half board during their stay.


For all queries please contact – Renata Bondareva, +90 (0)533 881 9111,

Skype: Renata-evergreen

Email: info@evergreencyprus.com