North Cyprus Population

Population in North Cyprus

The population of North Cyprus is, Appx. 200,587 (1997 census). 55% of the population live in urban areas. The urban population is distributed as follows:
(Rounded to the nearest 1000. Census 1997)

Nicosia: 62,000
Famagusta: 54,000
Kyrenia: 38,000
Guzelyurt: 27,000
Iskele: 19,000

The urban population is employed mainly in the service industry and light industries such as beverages, clothing, construction and in other commercial establishments.

The rural population lives in villages. There are some 195 villages in North Cyprus. People in rural areas of Northern Cyprus are mainly engaged in agriculture and produce a variety of crops. Wheat, barley, olives, carobs, melon, grapes, figs, potatoes and basic vegetables are grown commercially on a moderate scale. Citrus is the main export produce, however, exports from North Cyprus have been restricted to a great extent, due to the political status of the state.

The service industry has recently shown an increase mainly in Tourism, Banking and Education. The slow development in the economy has become an advantage for Tourism since it has resulted in unspoiled countryside and thus very low pollution. Education in Northern Cyprus has recently developed to become one of the major sources of revenue, with 5 private universities being opened in the last 10 years, offering a good standard of international education to the students attending from neighbouring countries, mainly Turkey.

Source: Ministry of Economy and Tourism, North Cyprus