Religion in North cyprus

North Cyprus is one of the most unique Mediterranean destination points, as tourists enjoy its modern day activities such as Beach Clubs, Water Sports, Casinos and Night life, while exploring the rich cultural heritage comprised of multi-religious and ethnic ruins.

North Cyprus is rich with cultural heritage, and although a secular state, about 98% of the population is Muslim, the majority being non-practicing. Tourists find that North Cyprus’ nightlife and beach scenes are very modern and quite European, as religion is not at the forefront of the cultural identity. The other religions making up the North Cypriot population include Catholic Maronites, Orthodox Greek Cypriots, and Anglicans.

Throughout the quaint villages of North Cyprus one will find aesthetic mosques, the most famous being the Selimiye Mosque located in the Old City of Nicosia, a popular tourist destination point just opposite the large Bazaar. Visitors are recommended to tour the Mosque after a stroll in the Bazaar and a taste of the local fare at the many restaurants nearby.

Traveling throughout Northern Cyprus, many ancient churches and ruins can be found, particularly while driving along the picturesque seaside. Kyrenia is home to one of the the Anglican Church of Saint Andrew which holds services and community events regularly and is open to the public. One can also find church services in Famagusta held at Nestorian Church of St George of the Foreigners. This is home ot the universities cultural center as well.

A community of about 700-800 Greek Orthodox Cypriots can be found living on the Karpas Peninsula. A popular tourist destination and religious pilgrimage center is the Apostolos Andreas Monastery located in Karpaz. The chapel here, built in the 15th century is the oldest surviving building.