If buying a property in North Cyprus is a serious consideration, there is no better way to make an informed decision by visiting the island, meeting the team behind Evergreen Developments and seeing all the properties we have to offer for sale, first hand.   
Over the three days, you will live in the properties Evergreen Developments have built and view other schemes that meet your criteria. During this time you’ll also get to meet other Evergreen Development customers, giving you first hand testimonials of what life is like living in Cyprus, and in an Evergreen Developments home.
Once we have found a suitable property, if you have legal questions, we can arrange for you to meet a panel of lawyers to help you make an informed decision. These trips are highly enjoyable and are focused on you making an informed decision with no obligation. 
What is included in an Evergreen Inspection Trip?  
Out trips are transparent and with no grey areas. Below is what is included: 
We will pick you up from your chosen airport in Cyprus and return you three days later. Please give your sales consultant the flight date and number and we will take care of the rest. Please contact us before you book any flights as so we can confirm availability. 
Live in a Evergreen Development home for 3 nights, B&B. This will enable you to ‘try before you buy’ and meet other Evergreen customers 
Get to see all the properties that match your requirement. If you are unsure what you want, we will show you all properties that are within your budget. A simple task, but sometimes properties we need to be visited twice. 
Have legal questions? We have a panel of lawyers who we can introduce you too. 
We love the property we build, and so do our customers. We have nothing to hide so please feel free to mingle with other Evergreen Development customers and hear first hand how we operate. 

A typical inspection trip itinerary

Day 1
  • 9:00 – 10:00 Enjoy breakfast – there is a big day ahead!
  • 10:00 – Personal sales representative will pick you up from your hotel and have a relaxed chat about your personal requirements. Look through brochures and decide on a plan of action
  • 10:30 – Depart hotel and begin looking at suitable properties
  • 13:00 – Stop for lunch and discuss properties that have been viewed.
  • 14:00 – Begin looking at suitable properties again. Meet local lawyer is necessary.
  • 17:00 – Finish. Go back to hotel and have a well deserved break! Feel free to use all the facilities on site and meet with other Evergreen Development buyers.
Day 2
  • 8:30/9:00 – Enjoy another breakfast – there is another big day ahead!
  • 10:00 – Your personal representative will meet you at your hotel and discuss properties that were visited yesterday. Decide on plan of action and visit more suitable properties
  • 13:00 – Stop for lunch and discuss properties that have been viewed
  • 14:00 – Begin looking at suitable properties again – revisit the properties that were suitable
  • 17:00 – Finish. Go back to the hotel and relax! Feel free to use the facilities and meet with other Evergreen Development buyers.
Day 3
  • Tie up any loose ends up.
  • Revisit any properties of furniture shops.
  • Meet with professionals (lawyers, accountants, banks, etc



This is a trip tailor-made to suit you. Above is the most popular itinerary to follow, but feel free to guide us – if there is a specific area or property you want to visit, we will be more than happy to assist.